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عینک آفتابی جیمی چوو Jimmy Choo DOMI/S VNG/DC

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عینک آفتابی جیمی چوو Jimmy Choo DOMI/S VNG/DC

عینک آفتابی جیمی چوو Jimmy Choo DOMI/S VNG/DC

Jimmy Choo is considered the pioneer in the art of celebrity dressing. Born in Malaysia, Choo built his reputation in the early 1990s in London, when his sexy cut and fashionable design struck a chord with a sophisticated clientele. Jimmy Choo's sense of glamour, bright colors and a playfully daring spirit is also embedded in his eyewear collection. Sunglasses Jimmy Choo DOMI/S VNG/DC are part of the latest Jimmy Choo collection carefully crafted for women. This elegant full-rim model reflects the latest trends in contemporary designer eyewear and its cat eye shape makes Jimmy Choo DOMI/S the perfect choice especially for round, oval and heart-shaped faces. Material used for the frame is corrosion-resistant metal, which makes it virtually indestructible. The lenses are engineered to block 100% of harmful UV rays.

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